Serviced Apartments in Chennai

Our guests have many reasons for stay – a short termed project, leisure time to spend at Chennai, a transfer of job, a medical treatment, relocation help and so on. We have one solution to say – Alcove serviced apartments.

Alcove gives you best stay options across the country. It has a strong network of finely maintained Serviced apartments in all major cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Cochin, Coimbatore, Visakhapatnam, Delhi and Kolkatta.

Located at prime areas at Chennai, Alcove gives you a hassle free access to the key places of Chennai. Whether it is your leisure day or a corporate contract, Alcove has customized plans to offer. With all basic amenities, you get a home-like feel at Alcove. Unlike the restricted idle hotel rooms, Serviced Apartments offer more space and freedom that makes your stay easy and comfortable. If you are looking for an accommodation in Chennai, you can make your stay at Alcove in following locations.

Make your stay in Chennai memorable with Alcove.


Rising demand for serviced apartments in Bangalore – II

Celebrated as the “Garden City of India” for its widespread scenic greens and termed as the “Silicon City of India” for its accelerating economy scenes, Bangalore is reputed for many reasons that makes it the most happening city in the country. Being the nerve centre of the IT industry in India, Bangalore is the world’s fourth largest technology hub. Population-wise it is the fifth largest city in India. It is abuzz with activities in the field of Manufacturing, Electronics, Mechatronics & Biotechnology, besides the IT sector. All these have led to a phenomenal demand in the hospitality sector to cater to the lodging needs of the business travellers and tourists. On one side, as the demand for accommodation is on the higher side, on the other side there is something new that is steadily challenging the conventional staying schemes of the travellers in Bangalore. It is the rise of the new age Serviced apartments across the city.

What’s so special about these Serviced Apartments?

Serviced apartments are pocket residences built in a manner where a furnished accommodation with a small kitchenette is provided with essential facilities of a household and adequate security for the guest. The tariff is substantially cheaper compared to the luxury hotels that charge phenomenal rates riding on the demand. In the eye of an elated market sentiment in the India that seeks ‘value for money’, Serviced apartments are easily the perfect choice for corporate/individuals seeking ‘smart spending’ stance with cost effective solutions. The demand, for this reason, is steadily on the upper side of the graph.

The rise of Serviced Apartments in Bangalore:
Currently, Bangalore accounts for about 51% of foreign business travelers visiting India/annum. Needless to site the IT/ITES sector folks forming nearly 45-50% of the overall demand for rooms in the city. According to Knight Frank Research Consultancy, since 2004 there has been a slight yet steady shift in the stay demand of Bangalore from a premium segment to budget a segment. This slope owes a lot of significant reasons:

1. Increased Medical tourists in the need of quality, cost-effective staying options on longer runs, find the star hotel too expensive. In local budget rentals, they don’t find the needed essentials in the right place.
2. The ever-increasing expat population, where people need a temporary stay until they relocate permanently to the city, demands more flexibility that is not offered in star hotels.
3. Corporate travels today are unplanned these days and demand extended stays until the projects are completed, which necessitates both comfort and cost in the right balance.
Average Room Rent in premium category hotels in Bangalore has recorded a growth of 20 per cent over the last decade. Such many critical factors have profoundly seeded the rise of the serviced apartments in the busy Bangalore city.

Corporate gets candid:
“I work in Cognizant Technology Solutions, Coimbatore. Being a part of the Academy segment, I had to constantly travel to Bangalore for training programs and conferences. Though sponsored by the company, I found the business stays to be extremely expensive and hectic when it came to distant locations that I had to travel through. Needless to say the traffic one is faced with these days. Of late, we have been inducted into cool boutique studio rooms in the Serviced Apartments that are far better than the luxury hotels in terms of price and flexibility. I mean you get all the amenities in an amicable price and cozy environment. What more can one ask for? It’s a great way out for the company too, to save so much costs with the increasing travel expenses it handles” said Sindhu, a Learning Executive in CTS reflecting the market mood.

From an Entrepreneurial perspective:

And that’s not it. It is a green patch to see from an investment perspective too. The government of Karnataka aims to encourage public-private partnership for developing tourism infrastructure and promotes Bangalore as a destination for MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions). This greatly lures the prospective investors to raise smart serviced apartments that are on demand today. Thus, based on current macro-economic trends, emotional edge & the business outlook, Bangalore will continue to witness a rising trend in the Serviced Apartment sector. And for sure, all for goodness!

Rising demand for serviced apartments in Bangalore

Bangalore is becoming an economic hub of India. We find more and more international companies choosing Bangalore as their point of operation. With the advent of the IT revolution, the need to travel, stay and operate at different locations is becoming indispensable in the corporate field. Consequently the demand, for staying space, raises.

There are a lot of stay options made available both within the city limits and in the outskirts for commercial as well as leisure purposes. Expats usually choose to stay in a home-like environment like a serviced apartment.

Serviced apartments have become a preferred stay option for a traveler for following reasons –

Feel at Home – Serviced apartments provide you freedom to relax and feel at home. They provide you independent space to work, relax, eat and move about much like your house.

Value for money – Serviced apartments never fail to provide you flexible options as per your need for the stay. It is more economical than other stay options and proves worthy of the money spent by you (or your company).

Flexible and friendly – The serviced apartments provide you flexible options perceiving your needs. Whether you look for one-day, long stay, short stay, extended stay, serviced apartments have a solution.

Amenities – Service apartments meets all your needs. Complimentary breakfast, free wi-fi, security, power back-up – you get whatever is necessary.

Additional options – Some serviced apartments like Alcove provides drop-pick-up facilities, doctor on all and services at extra cost.

The demand for serviced apartments is raising day by day. If you are looking for a serviced apartment in Bangalore, especially in locations like Koramangala, Whitefield, Ulsoor lake, HBR Layout, VHBS Layout, Hennur road, BTM layout, Electronic city, then think of Alcove Serviced Apartments.

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Enjoy the Amenities of a Star Hotel in Serviced Apartments Bangalore

Service Apartments in HBR Layout, Bangalore

Many people would prefer to stay at a star hotel in Bangalore for luxury and comfort. Even though hotels offer luxury, comfort and privacy to an extent, they are still hotels and they cannot offer idyllic “home away from home” experience. Service apartments are the perfect accommodation solution for those who would like to stay for longer duration in Bangalore. Many people want the freedom of their own accommodation where they can cook, relax and unwind themselves. Alcove service apartments in Bangalore offer all the necessary amenities and personalized services with uninterrupted comfort of a home along with the modern conveniences of a star hotel.

 The following are the amenities offered by Alcove serviced apartments in Bangalore.

 1. Fully Functional Kitchen

Each of the alcove service apartments in Bangalore has a fully functional kitchen for self-cooking. The kitchen is equipped with gas stove, cooking utensils, crockery/cutlery sets, microwave oven, electric kettle and refrigerator where you can cook your own meals, so you can feel right at home when you’re travelling. Additional charges may apply for using the kitchen utensils.

2. Spacious Living Rooms

Unlike regular hotel rooms, Alcove Service Apartments offer spacious living rooms with ample space to relax, entertain and to do much more work. The living rooms are fully furnished with queen-sized comfy sofas, cozy furniture’s, carpets and television to create a warm and welcoming environment. Being spacious, the living room is the ideal place to retreat yourself after a busy day watching the news or a movie on the flat TV screen.

3. Air-conditioned Bedrooms

All the bedrooms of Alcove service apartments are spacious, well ventilated and are highly comfortable, so that you can relax and fall into a deep sleep after a tiring day. The air-conditioned bedrooms are maintained with ceiling fans, wardrobes, television and large comfortable beds to guarantee a good night’s sleep.

4. Free Wi-Fi Internet Facility

Today everyone’s need is access to the internet. Alcove Service Apartments provide free Wi-Fi internet facility with unlimited access in all the properties across Bangalore.

5. Daily Housekeeping

Housekeeping service is provided on a daily basis in all the properties of Alcove across Bangalore to keep the rooms clean and make you feel fresh. This housekeeping service stands for cleanliness – after a hard day of work you will love feeling at your home.

6. Other Amenities

At Alcove you can feel secured, as there is 24 hours security, 100% power back up and parking facility. Alcove provides easy access to airports and railway stations. Complimentary breakfast will be provided for the guests. Cab facilities, Laundry and Doctor on call services are available for additional charges.

Alcove Service Apartments offer more space, more freedom and more comfort for the guests that a hotel room cannot offer. Alcove provides over 20 serviced apartments and 90 serviced rooms across Koramangala, VHBCS Layout, HBR Layout, Hennur Road, Ulsoor Lake, BTM Layout, Electronic City and Whitefield in Bangalore.

If you are planning to visit Bangalore either for a business accommodation or for a long vacation trip with your family, booking a room at Alcove service apartments would be a better option to make your stay pleasant and memorable.

Things to Consider While Booking a Holiday Stay

Service Apartments Koramangala, Bangalore

It is exciting for everyone to get out of the routine life and enjoy a vacation. Accommodation takes a vital role in making the whole vacation memorable. There are some important factors to be considered before booking a holiday stay.

Location is the crucial factor to spend a holiday. When your serviced apartment is accessible to the tourist places, shopping centers and recreational activities, you can comfortably enjoy your whole day and get back to the resting place without any trouble. Accessibility to transportation is a vital thing to consider when you travel with your family.

Look for the Amenities provided by the service apartments you shortlist. Lack of amenities would spoil the overall mood of the trip. It is better to take a detailed look at the amenities offered before booking the serviced apartments so as to avoid hassle. You will get a convenient stay only when you can utilize services. Basic amenities like 100% power back-up, lift, 24 hours security, parking are available in almost all properties of Alcove service apartments along with other personalized services pertaining to the property.

Reviews can help you to choose from the long list of stay options available. Although viewer’s discretion is advisable, reading reviews help you to get a overall view of the hotel.

Planning your stay properly makes your trip comfortable and entertaining. Choosing the best serviced apartment provides you a complete satisfaction so that the trip would be worthy of your spend.

Travel & Tolerance

We celebrate International day of Tolerance (Nov 16th) every year to understand and appreciate the importance of tolerance. Tolerance is a critical quality necessary for every human being. It is your ability to accept diversity, a sign of a matured mind. It establishes harmony in all your relationships and makes your life peaceful and worthy to live.

Travelling essentially teaches tolerance. People who travel around are more tolerant than the people who remain in one particular place. A person who travels widely accepts and acknowledges the diversity in race, religion, language and behaviours of people. A person who is confined to a limited space naturally develops a narrow mindset. This intolerant and self-opinionated people are, in fact, ignorant. To a certain extent, this ignorance is eradicated by travelling to diverse places.

New places offer us opportunity to see, observe, learn the tradition, culture and nature of people. It develops a racial and religious tolerance which is most necessary quality of a civilised society. Learning, reading and travelling widely teaches you to respect other’s opinion despite the fact that you totally disagree with it. Travelling to different places across the world helps you to develop broad mindset, learn to look at the things from a wider perspective and solve problems easily. In addition, travelling teaches you to encounter various kinds of experiences thus help you to gain more confidence to lead your life successfully. If you don’t travel and stay at one place, you keep ignorant and remain like a frog in the well. Hence, travel all around as much as you can, since it opens a new window to the outside world and paves the way for being tolerant.

If you would opt to explore places like BangaloreChennaiHyderabadKolkataVizagCoimbatoreMumbaiPuneDelhi and Kochin, then you are welcome to Alcove Service Apartments.

Impact of Travel on Children

It ‘s children’s day today.

Kids always love to travel around. Travelling with children is always fun and exciting. There are many positive effects a travel could create on a child. Comparatively a vagabond child has a better perspective and idea towards the world. Children learn to adapt themselves to a new place during travel.

New place, culture, people, language teaches them some lessons that blackboard wouldn’t be able to. They would love the novelty of travelling in public transport like trains, buses, etc.  Travel gives them adorable memories once they are back.

Booking a spacious travel accommodation is essential to make your stay pleasant and enjoyable with children. Make sure your room has a peaceful atmosphere, ample space and a good scenic view. Travelling with toddlers or infants probably means that you will need to spend more time in selecting your travel accommodation wisely as because of their naptimes and early bedtimes.

Visit Alcove next time when you plan a trip with your kids. Let’s celebrate childhood on this day.

Testimonials Are the Benchmark of Our Continued Success

Our clients testimonials are the fuel to our continuous success. Hear our guests speak:

Homely stay

Reviewed 3 weeks ago

“We stayed there for three months this summer in Raheja residency. The apartment is tastefully furnished and spacious. Has a full kitchen with crockery. Rita and Ajay are good host and very friendly. Sanjeev the cook was a boon and would come on the dot for BF, lunch and dinner. Maid comes everyday to clean the place. Being the honking capital of the world u can’t escape the noise pollution. Raheja is a nice block of 8 buildings with security, pool, clubhouse and some activity or the other on week ends. Plenty of restaurants nearby who deliver and good quality restaurants in the Jyoti nivas college road.”


Hi Rita,

“My wife Nandini Nagarkatti and I stayed at Alcove Service. Apartments. The rooms were spacious, clean, well maintained and we found the staff to be very efficient and hospitable. The property is well situated in a prominent residential area with transport services easy at hand. On the whole, our stay at Alcove Service Apartments was a pleasant experience.”

Vivek Nagarkatti


Every time we feel encouraged with the satisfaction of our guests.

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Benefits of Staying in Service Apartments in and around Whitefield

Service Apartments in Whitefield, Bangalore

Whitefield has become a major suburb of the Bangalore city after the advent of IT boom.

Service apartments have become a wide choice of travelers – corporate or personal. It is more comfortable and private than the hotel rooms. Serviced apartments offer flexible options to cater the unique needs of the guest.

If you would opt for service apartments in Whitefield, then Alcove service apartments would be a wise choice. The property of Alcove service apartments in Whitefield is located in ITPL Road, Prestige Shantiniketan. It is a separate building with 48 1BHK apartments, 8 in each floor. Ground floor has a kitchen that serves meals.


  • Situated at an accessible distance to city railway station and Kempegowda International Airport at Devanahalli
  • Open parking
  • 24 Hrs Security
  • Power Back-up
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Daily Newspaper
  • Laundry, Doctor on call, Cab services on pay
  • Hospitable staff

Why Studio Rooms in Koramangala Are Best Alternative to Hotels for Long Stay

Studio Rooms in Koramangala, Bangalore

Koramangala is one of the biggest and busiest localities in the city of Bangalore. Irrespective of the purpose of visit and length of stay, Alcove offers studio room apartments in Koramangala, which suit the needs of corporate business travellers as well as individuals visiting with their families.

Rooms in the star hotels in Bangalore are very expensive. Alcove offers inexpensive studio rooms at affordable price. Alcove studio room apartments are an excellent accommodation for those travellers who always choose privacy and freedom that hotels can hardly ever provide.

Below are the key points that make Alcove studio apartments a smart choice in Koramangala.

1. Centralized Location - Alcove’s fully furnished studio apartment is located at calm and quiet residential area of 3rd Block Koramangala close to BDA complex and St. John’s Hospital with 25 studio rooms. You won’t find a better location in Bangalore than Koramangala – you will always stay in the Bangalore’s city centre just in the midst of most attractive areas in the city. This studio apartment is situated 40 kms from Bangalore International Airport and 12 kms from Bangalore city railway station. Many shopping malls and commercial complexes are in its closest proximity as well. Besides, travellers can also visit the major tourist attractions in Bangalore such as Vidhan Soudha, Bull Temple, Shiva Temple, Lal Bagh and Cubbon Park.

2. More Space and Comfort – Alcove studio apartment offer guests a home away from home experience that a hotel room cannot – more space, more freedom and more comfort. Each apartment has a spacious living room, bedroom, bathroom and a fully-functional kitchen for basic cooking (with Microwave, kettle and refrigerator) where you can cook your own meals, so you can feel right at home when you’re travelling. There is also an in-house kitchenette on the top floor with the services of a cook.

3. Modern Amenities - Alcove studio rooms in Koramangala offers many facilities such as 24-hour security, 100% power backup, air conditioning bedrooms, lift, open parking, 1 MBPS Wi-Fi with unlimited access, daily newspaper, daily housekeeping and daily change of bed linen and towels. Guests can also avail facilities like laundry, doctor on call, phone service, cab services, airport/station transfers and wake-up services. There is a small sit-out in the premises where guests can sit, relax and unwind themselves and can have a good time with their loved ones. We offer tasty and delicious breakfast for our guests. They can burn up their calories gained from the delicious food at fully equipped gymnasium.

4. Affordable Cost - Staying in a hotel in Bangalore can be a real pain as because many hotels will annoy you with their hidden fees, excessive food costs, and suspicious cleanliness. Although hotel rooms offer you a pleasant stay, they do not offer personalized services. Booking studio apartments is indeed a great way to have a perfect accommodation throughout your stay. A room in a star hotel would easily cost you around 5 to 6 thousand per day whereas a studio apartment would offer more facilities along with quality food at an affordable price and the best of all studio apartments offer the comfort of living in a home where families can cook, relax and stay under one roof, for a reasonable price.

If you are planning to visit Bangalore either for a business accommodation or for a long vacation trip with your family, booking a room at Alcove studio apartments in Koramangala would be a better option to make your stay pleasant and memorable.